Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Goodbye 170s!!

I am happy to report that I'm at my lowest weight since I was 15.

Somehow even with the chicken wings and beer on Saturday I managed to lose 1.7lbs and now I am at 168.5lbs. w00t! It took me a little longer this time to go down another 10lbs, almost 3 months instead of 2, but I'm accounting that to being depressed through most of October and hovering around the same 2lbs.

YAY FOR ME! (this is how I'll celebrate lol)

This is just in time for my trip. I tried on my super sexy leather pants last night and they fit perfectly. I remember when I got them as a present for Christmas two years ago, I couldn't even get them past my hips :P Then last year I could get them past the hips but they wouldn't zip up, and then last month they zipped up (Noel zipped them up for me) but I couldn't walk LOL.. and now they fit well :) Which means that I am officially a size 10 :)

Noel is coming back home today (counting down the hours, he should be here around 4). I didn't see him for only 2 days but it seems like it's been weeks. *blush*

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Born to Run said...

Fantastic job!!!

Your black-and-white photo is gorgeous!