Monday, November 12, 2007

Starting over

I posted in this blog like.. 3 times (couldn't remember my password) and decided to delete the entries (they were over half a year old) and start over again. So OMGz this is a public blog. Scariez!

I currently have no readers, but hopefully that'll change soon :P *hint hint*

This is supposed to be a fitness blog but I'm not going to post about exercising because I caught the bug that's going around and can't exercise right now. Hopefully that'll change in a day or two, I really want to go swimming. I peeked at the scale and looks like I will have a gain this week. But that's ok. Getting rid of the sickiness is the important thing now.

6 days to vacation :)


Krissmc85 said...

wow! you look amazing! those are great before and afters!!!

deb said...

Hi there,
You look great! I just started a blog and hope to link some others to it as well. Feel free to add my name and address to yours; and yes, I'll add your to mine.

Hope you have a terrific vacation!