Friday, December 21, 2007

almost done!

Presents are almost done. Two more things to pick up and then I'm all done. Apparently walmart is open 24 hours, so we'll probably make a 2am run tonight since we slept until 1ish.

Noel's birthday cheesecake turned out pretty good. I thought I didn't put enough sugar into it, but I think it turned out ok after all. He liked his presents, and he hasn't even gotten the one from my parents yet. That one rules. They stole my idea. lol

I can't stop eating lately for some reason. I've unofficially switched to maintenance on WW. I'm not at goal yet, but getting dizzy, blacking out and falling down the stairs isn't fun. My doctor suggested letting my body catch up a bit first, before I lose any more weight.. and eat some more.

I've been craving spicy foods, so I made a bowl of Chatzilim. Mmm. I almost forgot how good this stuff is. My mom rarely cooks it, and my grandma can't really cook anything anymore.. so I guess it's up to me to keep with the family traditions.

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Born to Run said...

I hope your body adjusts soon! The blacking out incidents don't sound so good.

Happy Holidays!