Monday, December 3, 2007

Some pics from vacation

My 3.5-yo cousin refuses to try on the coat I got her, so I try it on instead. Yes I squeezed into a size 4 toddlers' coat. lol

Getting ready for my cousin's wedding. I like my jaw-line in this. My face is looking slimmer

A couple of nice pics of our little tour around the city. Poor Noel is on crutches, but it was still fun :)


Krissmc85 said...

you look great.. too funny about the jacket! kids..

Born to Run said...

You look lovely!

Sounds like a crazy trip, but an adventure, all the same.

I hope your husband feels better soon.

Amuldoon said...

Hey there! I didn't realize you had a blog... I don't frequent the WW boards too much any more, I've fallen in love with blogging!

Zita said...

Good for people to know.